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Traditional Lenses

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Our Products

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Transitions®, automatic color changing lens, provides high clarity according TOG standard, while also being able to 100-percent protect against UVA and UVB rays to safeguard the eyes throughout the day.

The special property of this type of lens is its ability to change the color from dark to light, and vice versa, very quickly depending on the intensity of the UV ray and the temperature.


LeafEco is an environmentally-friendly ophthalmic lens, made from 82% bio-based content, with more than 5x fewer CO2 emissions. Provides exactly the same lens specifications as ordinary plastic lenses with the refractive index of 1.74 and the Abbe value of 32.4. This product is ideal for those with severe eye problems who otherwise would need thick lenses.


These polarized lenses filter out horizontal surface light, reflected from the ground, road, snow or sand, which cases bothersome glare, yet allows vertical light to pass through.

Shade Polarview lenses are suitable for many outdoor and sporting uses such as for water sports, and while driving, playing golf or fishing.


To better protect your eyes and vision into the future, make the smartest choice for your corrective lens material and choose Bluloc. Bluloc is a lens material that protects your eyes from UVA rays, UVB, and high energy light waves, especially the wavelength range of 400 to 500 nm from digital devices.

TOG Trivex

Trivex lenses are ideal as the strongest and lightest safety lenses, made from the Trivex material by PPG. Outperforming other lenses, this durable material offers clear optical quality, lightweight, impressive strength and 100% UVA & UVB protection, and provides excellent all-day-wearing comfort.

TOG Tribrid

Tribrid lenses have all the combined benefits and performance quality of Trivex and high-index lens materials The ultimate in clear, light, strong and thin plastic lenses, TOG 1.60 Tribrid offers improved wearer comfort and eye protection, particularly for active outdoor lifestyles.the strongest lens for full protection

Ordering Our Lenses

European Orders

At TOG we pride ourself on flexibility and ease of doing business and so we offer multiple options for customers to order TOG lenses

Bulk Orders

Order the full range of TOG lenses in bulk from our Thailand distribution center both Semi-Finished and Finished lenses.

Our Global Presence



Our HQ situated in Thailand, housing our manufacturing and Rx laboratory for worldwide distribution.

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United States

TOG USA is a subsiduary of Thai Optical Group situated near at 3016 W Georgia St. Louisiana MO63353 and contactable at for all your requirements for North America and Canada.