Advanced Trivex Lenses

TOG has developed unique capabilities of casting 1.53 Trivex at our Thailand facility.

Using monomers supplied by PPG industries we open up some attractive solutions for you to grow your business using this remarkably strong, lightweight and optical sound material either as a 1.53 index or as 1.60. By far one of the safest and optically sound solutions for your customers. Tribrid is unique to TOG and wins the race against MR8 in its ability to deliver an all round product that’s safe, light and strong

TOG Trivex

Suitable For

  • Active children (lightweight / impact resistance)
  • Workers (impact and chemical resistance)
  • Rimless lens lovers (tensile strength)
  • Elderly (lightweight)
  • High power prescriptions (thin lenses)


Sharp visual acuity

30% clearer vision than polycarbonate (Abbe Value 43 vs 30)


Incredible wearer comfort

Up to 19% lighter than other lenses


6x more durable than conventional 1.50 ADC lenses

Excellent chemical resistance

Surpasses international standards

Perfect for drilling rimless frames

Physical Properties

Refractive Index: 1.53

Abbe Value: 43

Density: 1.11 g/cm3

UVA & UVB protection: 100%

Available Products

Semi-finished Lens:

  • Single Vision Lens (Uncoated / Hardcoated)
  • Aspheric Single Vision Lens (Uncoated / Hardcoated)
  • Bifocal Flattop Lens (Uncoated / Hardcoated)

Finished Lens:

  • Single Vision Lens (Hardcoated / Hard Multi-coated)
  • Aspheric Single Vision Lens (Zaphire-Sx®)

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